Congratulations on choosing to improve your health and wellness by participating in The Ideal Protein Program

In order to prepare for your Initial Consultation, please:

  1. Create an Ideal Protein account by registering as a “patient/dieter” in Ideal Protein Platform. When asked to associate with a Clinic, please choose Ultima Weight Loss Clinic

ideal protein platform

  1. Log in to your account > on the left side menu click on “My Health Profile” and fill out the necessary sections to complete.
  • If you’re not comfortable completing in the Ideal Protein Platform, CLICK HERE to download and complete the printable/writable Health Profile.
  1. Please review the “Phase 1 Educational Seminar”:
  1. Download the Ideal Protein APP (free). The Ideal Protein APP is a comprehensive online tool that you can use on your smartphone or tablet. It mirrors the Dieter Account you created on your computer. Read more….

Following review and readiness to participate on the Ideal Protein Protocol, you will be contacted to schedule your Initial Consultation.