Discuss the type and number of vaccines you need with us

Vaccination and immunization

We review your medical history, including:

• what vaccines you had in the past
• if you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant
• if you have health conditions
• your type of work
• if you have upcoming travel

As we get older, the protection we had from previous vaccination can decrease for some diseases. Getting another dose (called a booster) can increase our immunity to provide the best protection.

flu shot


 The flu shot is recommended for almost everyone who is 6 months of age and older. Read more….

Get your seasonal flu shot at Ultima Pharmacy. No appointment needed, you are welcome to walk-in.

* Subject to vaccine availability


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Vaccination and immunization

Vaccines for adults

Vaccines are safe, effective and the best way to protect you and those around you from serious illnesses. Vaccination isn’t just for children. Adults may need a vaccine for the following vaccine-preventable diseases:

• yellow fever
• chicken pox (varicella)
• diphtheria
• hepatitis A
• hepatitis B
• HPV (human papillomavirus)
• measles
• meningococcal
• mumps
• pneumococcal
• polio
• rubella
• shingles
• tetanus
• whooping cough (pertussis)