Travel Vaccination

You may be at risk for a number of vaccine preventable illnesses. Travel Vaccination can protect you and your family during your vacation, consult Ultima Travel Clinic to:

• find out if the cost of vaccination is covered by your insurance plan
• review your immunization history
• make sure your provincial/territorial vaccination schedule is up-to-date
• discuss any trip-related health concerns you may have
• assess your needs based on where you plan to travel and what you plan to do


Travel Vaccination and Yellow Fever

You may need Yellow Fever Vaccine or additional vaccinations depending on your age, planned travel activities and local conditions.

You should consult a health care provider or visit a travel health clinic preferably six weeks before you travel. This is an opportunity to Read More…

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Did you know the cost of your Travel Vaccination might be covered by your insurance plan? Contact us for details

Yellow fever vaccination

Yellow fever vaccination

Some countries require proof that you have received a yellow fever vaccination before allowing you to enter the country. Consult Ultima Travel Clinic, your insurance might pay for some or all the cost.

Other countries may require you to have been vaccinated for yellow fever if you have passed through an area where yellow fever may occur.

You may not be allowed to enter the country, you may be quarantined for up to six days or put under medical surveillance, or you may be required to be vaccinated at point of entry if you do not show a valid certificate when requested at the border.

Consult an embassy or consulate of your destination country in Canada for up-to-date information on its entry and exit requirements before you travel abroad.


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