Ideal Protein App

The Ideal Protein App is the digital pocket companion to the Ideal Protein Protocol. This personalized Protocol assistant is designed to help people achieve their weight loss goals and support a new, healthy lifestyle through three proprietary phases: Weight Loss, Stabilization, and Maintenance.

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The Ideal Protein App allows you to:
1) Communicate securely with your Ideal Protein Coach and pre-order your Ideal Protein foods from your authorized Ideal Protein Clinic;
2) Journal your meals, supplements and hydration with easy-to-use progress indicators, checklists, and food lists trackable to your personalized goals and aligned to each phase of the Ideal Protein Protocol;
3) Receive messages and alerts to keep you motivated, notify you when it’s time to log your food, and give you personalized progress updates;
4) Track biometric data with the Ideal Protein Scale with seamless Bluetooth syncing through the App;
5) See graphs to help you monitor your progress.

IMPORTANT: The Ideal Protein App is the only app that is approved to work exclusively with the Ideal Protein Protocol. To access all of the features of the Ideal Protein App you must be a patient or client at an authorized Ideal Protein Clinic or Center. Visit our website to find a clinic or center near you and get started with Ideal Protein.

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