The following services are provided at Ultima Pharmacy

medical cannabis

Medical Cannabis

We are committed to providing high quality medical cannabis care for our patients. We work in partnership with a network of Licensed Sellers with the goal of providing safe, simple and affordable access to cannabis products for medical purposes.

We inform, connect and support our patients – helping them meet their medical cannabis treatment goals. We strive to empower our patients through education.

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quit smoking

Quit Smoking Program

Congratulation if you are looking for a quit smoking plan.
Talk to the pharmacist at Ultima Pharmacy and get a personalized quit smoking action plan .The pharmacist may prescribe a quit smoking medication which is safe and proper for you.

Trillium Application

Trillium Application Forms

You may qualify for getting help paying for prescription drug . We provide Trillium Application to our customers and support them with related information.

If you have coverage through a private plan, but your household still has significant out-of-pocket costs, you can apply for additional financial support through the Trillium Drug Program. The Trillium Drug Program is available to all OHIP-insured Ontarians who have high prescription drug costs compared to their household income.*
*Health Canada

Ontario Drug Benefit

Ontario Drug Benefits & Discounts

At Ultima Pharmacy you can save 2 $ on each prescription that is covered by Ontario Drug Benefit program.

*Conditions Apply

Smart Card

Free Smart Card

Smart card is a free card that helps you save money on selected medications.
At Ultima Pharmacy we use smart card for all medications which has this coverage.

Free Delivery of Medications


Need a delivery for your medications and front shop items?
We deliver*

*Talk to pharmacy team for details



Anyone 24 years and under who has OHIP coverage and is not covered by a private plan is covered by OHIP+.
OHIP+ covers the cost of more than 5,000 drug products that are currently available through the Ontario Drug Benefit program.